Cute pics of Generations actress Tshidi and her wife

indafrica September 30, 2021
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Pictures: Three times Generations actress Tshidi and husband Lebo Keswa looked amazing in matching outfits

Letoya Makhene who plays the role of Tshidi Moroka on Generations The Legacy serves couple goals with husband and businesswoman Lebo Keswa.

On 22 December 2020, the couple tied a knot in a same-sex marriage and has been dishing out loveable and sizzling hot snaps and videos on social media.

Actress, songwriter and sangoma Letoya Makhene revealed that she chose Lebo as her husband because she was too good in bed compared to most men.

Tshidi and husband Lebo Keswa in green matching outfits

On Generations The Legacy, Tshidi continues to maintain her image as the queen of bling and is known for putting on immaculate and stylish dresses. Offset she continues to serve bling goals whether she is putting on casual, formal or sangoma attires.

Letoya Makhene and her husband Lebo Keswa
Generations actress Tshidi and husband Lebo Keswa
What’s happening to Tshidi on Generations The Legacy?

Tshidi may seem ok on Generations but the trouble is brewing on her doorstep, her husband Kabisi Moroka role played by Mpho J Molepo is having scary nightmares.

After Tshidi organized an illegal kidney to serve her husband from chronic kidney disease at the expense of
Tamryn’s life has never been the same for Kabisi. Kabisi is on the quest with Sphe to find out if the kidney he received belonged to the dead Tamryn .

Will Tshidi get away with it as she always does after Kabisi found out that someone had to die for him to live? Will Tshidi stop Kabisi from donating outrageous amounts of money to charity and possibly Tarmy’s family?

The pain of seeing her child Mpho arrested
Tshidi’s only child Mpho is set to be arrested to pave way for Junior Singo’s exit from the Generations The Legacy cast. Savannanews previously reported that actor Junior Singo who plays the role of Mpho, Tshidi’s adopted son is leaving Generations cast for greener pastures in the movie industry.

The heartbreak of seeing her son being taken away from her and the stress of her husband knowing the owner of his donated kidney will bring Tshidi to her knees but as usual, she always finds a way to deal with difficult situations, will she this time?

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