Gloria spills the tea to Ndumiso

indafrica September 30, 2021
Updated 2021/09/30 at 7:39 AM

It seems like the judge they expected is not the one they expected for verdict ! Bra Caiphus might change his version of the story. This sentencing will end with the secretion of salt concentrated fluid, through the lacrimal apparatus for Caiphus and Gloria.

Did Gloria thought Caiphus was going to get 6 months, someone died this is why the Khubekas wanted a fall guy knowing very well that their boy will go to jail for a very long time. Gloria needs to just turn in the money as proof that they were bought to lie.

And to think Daddy was so happy when he saw Glo Glo showing him support, 6 months turned to 15 years and then they will kill him in prison.

Someone must come back and tell the real truth this time. Yesterday he was supposed to sense something when he was asking about that 6 months deal.The father knows nothing about that part.

I hope Dintle was listening to Gloria’s ramblings. She very clearly said “they lied”. Judging by Dudu’s look. This is not the judge that they have a deal with. This could be Dudu’s father who bride the judge to increase the sentence.

If you could remember at first no body visited Caiphus until Dintle started with the visit. Dudu’s could have seen opportunity of middling without talking to Dudu because she promised 6 months but her father think it’s best if Caiphus could be sent to jail for good.

His sentence is not going to be light and that at it’s own will force him to come out clean! Gloria she gonna spill the beans. Caiphus does not think,how can he think that the just can sentence him 6 months for such a big crime like that one he was played.

Gloria can never keep a secret, even if her life depended on it. She’s about to spill the beans to Ndumiso without being aware of it.

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