Mzansi Warns Master KG From Taking Other People’s Wives Or Else He will Die

indafrica September 30, 2021
Updated 2021/09/30 at 11:02 AM

Master KG is one of the youngest and richest music producers who is also an artist in South Africa. He gained over a million followers with his hit song “Jerusalem” that made people dance all over the world.

One thing that many people love about Master KG is that he uses his mother tongue, but his music still trends even outside South Africa.

One of the things that earned Master KG a high salary was the fact that he managed himself, produced his own music, and recorded in his own studio.

Many artists in Mzanzi are not enjoying the benefits of their talents because their remuneration is spent on various departments under entertainment. For example, not so long ago, Makhadzi was trending after complaining on social media that her manager, Rita Dee, was not giving her full access to her money.

A few years back, there were allegations that Zahara didn’t make a profit from her hit song Loliwe as she signed an agreement with the recording labels that she’d only get 10% of the gross remuneration.

This is all evident that, as an artist, it’s better to manage yourself and do all the producing by yourself, just like master KG.

Master KG is a multimillionaire. He gained so much money because he has been performing internationally. His hit Jerusalem put him in demand as many foreign countries were booking him and paying him massive amounts of money.

He even bought a Lamborghini to show that he is indeed loaded. A few weeks ago, he was trending all over social media after buying a jacket that was worth R27 000.

Recently, he posted a photo on social media flaunting his Lamborghini and expensive clothes. Many people admired him and congratulated him on his life’s achievements. After posting his photos, many people warned him not to go to Soweto with his Lamborghini and take other people’s wives as the area is not safe.

According to the comment, there’s a guy who was shot in Soweto driving his Lamborghini. The citizens were furious that he was taking people’s wives. Again, there was another one who was shot inside a Ferrari after he was caught with someone’s wife.

Soweto is very safe. The only problem begins when you start taking other people’s wives just because you have money. No matter how rich you may be, you should respect other people’s wives. All these people who were shot in Soweto were driving expensive cars.

It was because they were having affairs. What are your thoughts on this? Leave your comments below.
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