WAS SHE BEATEN? Pearl Modiadie Red Eye Worries Fans (SEE PICS)

indafrica October 5, 2021
Updated 2021/10/05 at 12:05 PM

TV and Radio Personality Pearl Modiadie left most of her fans very worried when they spotted a red eye in one of her videos that made it seem like she was beaten by someone.

This is the screenshot of the video:
She took to her Instagram stories to details what happened. She said, “…I am great, I hope and I am saying I am great because I am getting a lot of messages of concern regarding the last snap that I posted because my left eye is red.

I am okay now but I wasn’t when I took that video because I had the worst migraine in the world. I was fine by the morning though but yea I am getting messages of concern. I am really okay, I promise”

In August Pearl lost a very special person in her life. She took to her Instagram to pay tribute to her late best friend. She said her heart is broken.

Your send-off today made it all real, so final. It was beautiful, just like the life you lived… your heaven on earth. Rest well, my superstar! I’m inspired by how purposefully you lived, ever so intentional. You’ve left a significant mark in everyone whose lives you shared yours with.

“All of us who experienced your magic! Thank you for being my friend, thank you for loving me. Thank you for shining your light unapologetically in every area of your life. My heart is broken, I will miss you,” she wrote.

Pearl is the mother of one, she was blessed with a beautiful baby boy last year.

Taking to Twitter, the new mom said: ” You get shamed for not having a child. You eventually have one when you’re ready and then get shamed for not wanting siblings for your child.”

Pearl’s tweet opened a platform for other women to share their personal experiences, Mogano Pretty said her relatives are always shaming her because she does not have a child at her age.

“Am 31 and don’t have a child, if you can hear the shame from my relatives ijooo it’s unbearable, one of my cousin sisters told me to my face that I should just find any guy to impregnate me since am working and to them, it’s like am struggling on finding a stable partner…”

A few days ago, Pearl refuted claims that she is affiliated with the wealthy Oppenheimer family. This after tweeps found out her baby daddy’s last name which is Oppenheimer, when she shared images of their son’s first birthday party.

What was meant to be a celebration of her little one’s life turned into a frenzy when tweeps shifted the attention to her former lover and baby daddy. The two are no longer an item as they had broken up months after their son was born. But they continue to co-parent and by the look of things, are fully invested in their son’s life.

Pearl has denied the claims of being involved with the multi-millionaire family, as her baby daddy is also not a part of that family. The wealthy family is in the mining industry and have generated so much money, that one of their family members, Nicky Oppenheimer is the wealthiest man in South Africa. His net worth is reportedly R117 billion. – ZAlebs

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