List of Mzansi Actors very difficult to work with

indafrica October 8, 2021
Updated 2021/10/08 at 2:24 PM

Celebrities are in some cases simply known for being famous, outspoken and having larger than life making them difficult to work with. Many stories bond on how some celebrities are demanding, pushy, and in several instances just too over the top to manage.

Some stars let the fame go over their heads. Some people are generally harder to work with than others due to lack of empathy or it is the superior complex that places them over the others.

Here is a list of South African celebrities that are difficult to work with.

Hungani Ndlovu

During his time as an actor at Scandal, Hungani used to be difficult to work with because of his ego as he thought he was ‘irreplaceable’. It’s alleged that on one incident he got involved in physical altercation with another cast member.

Sthembiso Khoza

Although he seem to be a changed person, he was pompous during his early acting days at The Queen. Sthembiso had some ‘Bad boy’ tendencies such that he is always involved in many scandals and he brought his childhood support drama on set.

Mpumelelo Bhulose

During his time as an actor at Imbewu, Mpumelelo has been accused of showing up at work whenever he wants. At one time he did not appear on set for a period of three weeks without issuing a notice. He refused to be directed and always wanted to do things his way.

Buhle Samuels

Buhle Samuels’ exit from Muvhango was followed by rumours that she was a nightmare to work with. She is too demanding, rude and short tempered.

Kelly Khumalo

When Khumalo was offered a role as Lebo Mathosa biopic, she was very difficult to work with. She allegedly refused to share her wardrobe room with other actors. The last straw before she got fired was when she told producers to clean up their dirty sets.

Katlego Danke

Its is alleged that during her time at Generations, Katlego was very rude and thought highly of herself. She would only greet great actors and actresses who she thought were on her level. Hopefully she has changed throughout the years.

Moshidi Motshegwa

It’s alleged that during her time as an actress at ‘The River’, veteran actress Moshidi used to criticize writers for their poor skills. Moshidi was also involved in drama when she said Larona Moagi’s acting skills were terrible.

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