Reasons why Pretty lied to her family about the abortion

indafrica October 8, 2021
Updated 2021/10/08 at 7:53 AM

Pretty told her family that she wants an abortion her family has supported her through thick and thin. It also looks like Pretty did not gontheough with the abortion.

Pretty is pregnant in her real life so the storyline is based on her being pregnant wih Lehasa’s baby.

Pretty wants to get back to Lehasa and by keeping the baby it means that she is planning to go back to Lehasa.

Lehasa and Nothile will definitely take her baby because they have more money they can bribe whoever just to get what they want from poor pretty.

Viewers still don’t hink that Lehasa deserves this baby because of the heart that he has and the greed.

Pretty’s family are going to be shocked by seeing Pretty’s belly getting bigger and they will ask if she had an abortion or not and how is she going to raise her baby.

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