Big Zulu real age revealed

indafrica October 12, 2021
Updated 2021/10/12 at 4:58 PM

Currently as one of the chart topping musicians in South Africa, one would say that well known Hip Hop artist Big Zulu is having the time of his life in the music industry.

Born and raised in Kwa Zulu Siyabonga Nene (birth name) a few years back was considered by many as an average Hip Hop artist.

The KZN born rapper rose to the spotlight in 2016 after releasing the hit single “Donsa Nkabi”. It was up until 2018 when he started making headlines after releasing platinum selling singles “Vuma Ndlozi” and “Ama Million”.

His overnight success largely came in 2020 after he collaborated with well known musician “Intaba Yase Dubai”. Their hit songs “eMaboneng” and “imali eningi” would largely turn Big Zulu into an overnight sensation. The latter listed song would also go to be voted as the Song of the year in 2020.

Having risen to prominence, the KZN born rapper is now one of the movers and shakers in South Africa. One any given day most of his songs are dominating the playlists, it might be on a hangout spot or any radio station. As a well known figure in the music industry, surely a large number of his fans might curious as to how old Big Zulu is.

Well we come barring answers, firstly we can safely tell you that Big Zulu is still in his youth years. According to information collected we have since went to learn that the popular hip hop artist was born on 7 April 1986.

Earlier this year the popular South African rapper celebrated his 35th birthday.

Besides being a well known artist it is largely known that Big Zulu is a family oriented man as he usually takes to IG to flaunt his children in expensive drip, leaving many of his fans inspired.

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