#Uzalo: ‘Njeza Will kill Nosipho’

indafrica October 12, 2021
Updated 2021/10/12 at 2:35 AM

While Uzalo is bringing out the nature of an abusive toxic relationship through the characters of Nkanyiso Makhanya who plays Njeza and Nosipho real name Nompilo Maphumulo.

Gender Based Violence has become a common trending topic in the country and it is well portrayed in Uzalo.

Couples appear to be happy from the outside but deep inside they are broken souls.

A survey done by IndAfrica to see the reaction of Uzalo fans to how Njeza keeps abusings his girlfriend Nosipho indicates how many fans believe that Nosipho will end up dead if she doesn’t leave the relationship.

Commenting on our Facebook page most users are of the Idea that, most GBV cases start with a slap then advance to hard beating and later on leads to ultimate death of one partner.

As a family blog we do not encourage people to solve their differences with violence.

Violence is never the solution rather it makes the situation worse, if you and your couple are not agreeing on a certain matter seeks external help.

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