Tshidi and Mazwi: The New Couple?

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Generations: The Legacy fans could be in for some amazing drama after Tshidi unknowingly threw herself into the deep end.

Tonight’s episode ended with shock and laughter as Tshidi put some love potion into Kabisi’s drink which was then drunk by his nephew Mazwi.

Now everyone is wondering what then happens? Will the love potion make Mazwi fall in love with his step Aunt?

If the love potion really works then Mazwi and Tshidi could be the new couple on South Africa’s most loved soapie.

See teasers below

Thursday 14October2021 Episode 234 (1794)

Cosmo comes through for Lesedi whenshe needs him most. Pamela’s neverbeenthe kind of woman who shiesawayfromdanger. Will Tshidifind out too latenot tomesswith Langa Hlophe?

Friday15October2021 Episode 235(1795)

Will Siyandafind a way toget hiswife out of danger? Mazwi getsblasted for sticking hisnose where itdoesn’t belong. Luyolo wants tosupporta friend butshe keeps shuttinghim out.

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