List of Celebs who had their privates leaked out

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Faith Nketsi

The TV and social media influencer’s privacy was violated when an intimate video of her and her partner went viral.

It is not really known who uploaded the video but Faith has shared it was embarrassing for her but luckily her mom supported her through out.

Prince Kaybee

Last year a female dj from Mpumalanga by the name of Hazel took to Twitter to expose DJ Prince Kaybee who is in a serious relationship.

The lady shared messages prince sent to her as he was requesting to see her in a private place. A lot of people did not take her serious with some saying the messages might have been edited until she dropped a bombshell.

She shared private pictures of the dj showing his face and everyone was left shocked. The DJ later apologized to his fans, family and his girlfriend but the damage was already done.


The rapper has been open about smoking weed but this has a serious bad effect on him as he gets high sometimes and do things he is not supposed to do publicly.

He has went live on social media toxicated and he would swear at people, the worst thing he did was mistakenly showing his private part unaware in a live recording.

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