‘Gomora’ Review: Why Marvelous Dlamini turned into Melusi Dlamini

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There have been a few hints this season that the perfect Principal Melusi Dlamini that we met in season one was not always perfect.

Melusi Dlamini used to hijack cars and murdered people in his past life before he became the Principal Dlamini that we know today.


Gladys (Thembi Seete) mentioned in season one that the man she is married to, Melusi Dlamini was not always this wonderful.

She told her brother, Mohato (Ernest Msibi) that Melusi’s sister took him out of the criminal lifestyle to better his life.

Viewers have always wondered why his son, Ntokozo (Ntobeko Shishi) keeps going back to his criminal lifestyle when he has two parents who love him, and is raised in a loving home.

Melusi is trying to hide his past character ‘Marvelous Dlamini’ and his dirty past because he doesn’t want everyone to see who he really is..

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Viewers were surprised to see that Don (Israel Zulu) is terrified of Melusi when he threatened him last week in his office.

They had never seen that side of Don before and are now convinced that Melusi used to be Don’s boss in their past life.

Melusi might be the most respected man in Gomora right now and might be living the perfect life, but his life is far from perfect.

He’s lost four children because he’s a terrible father, he’s pretending to be someone he’s not, and doesn’t love his wife.

His wife, Gladys, aborted two of his babies and killed his teenage son, Langa (Siya Xaba), and his lover, Thati (Katlego Danke), caused his wife’s miscarriage.

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