Muvhango’s Chief Azwindini a big time farmer

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Gabriel Temudzani is an award-winning South African actor best known for playing the role of Chief Azwindini on Muvhango. He has played the role for an incredible 20 years. Temudzani also features in films and few television shows such as La Familia.

Gabriel Temudzani hails from Tshivilindi in Nzhelele area of Venda in Limpopo South Africa. He was born on the 10 of February in 1980.

He currently lives on the West Rand. Just like most successful actors, he started acting in playing theatre plays when he was young. After five years of hard work, it all paid off he made his television debut on Muvhango in the year 2000.

Temudzani got the role of Chief Azwindini, which he played for amazing 20 years.

Gabriel Temudzani has dominated Muvhango for two decades, leading people to believe that his television role is singular. Contrary to belief, Temudzani featured in other television productions such as Zaziwa season 1, night drive, a diamond and destiny.

Temudzani is primarily active on Twitter, where he has 210K followers and Facebook, where he has 5K followers. He is fast becoming an Instagram model due to his fitness videos and pictures almost every day. Gabriel is a gym fanatic, and this lifestyle has given them an athletic, muscular body.

Most celebrity marriages are faced with judgment, drama and pressure, and some eventually succumb to divorce. This happens to be the case with Gabriel’s marriage, and the couple separated and cited irresolvable marital issues as the cause.

Gabriel Temudzani selling some of his agricultural produce
Besides acting, Temudzani has a less glamorous side hustle; farming. Chief Azwindini went to the school of agriculture so he could be a professional farmer.

Since childhood, he had always loved farming; however, his dream came true in 2016 when he finally started farming.

However, his side hustle is growing such that he already has four permanent workers and numerous workers who come for seasonal work.

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