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Working together can sometimes create a spark between two people, there are a lot of couples who met in the work place and ended up tying the knot (getting married). Is Pretty from Skeem Saam dating Clement in real life?

Did you you know that Pretty Seakamela (Lerato Marabe) and Clement Letsoalo (Vusi Leremi) were born in the same year? The two almost had the same birth month as Pretty was born on 28 June 1999 and Clement on 1 July 1999. Look at the following pictures:

I think you will agree with me if I say they look very beautiful together. Is it me or do they look more beautiful in these pictures? Do you see that they always hang out together? I bet you have scrolled up again just to look at their pictures.

What made me suspect that the two might be dating is that I have been seeing a lot of their pictures together on social media lately, pictures such as the ones posted above. Do you see how happy they look together? Some pictures make it look like they are in a relationship.

The pictures got me wondering if the two are in a relationship or not. I understand that these two have a lot in common, it seems like they finished high school the same year and they both joined the Skeem Saam cast at a very young age. Let me show you more of their pictures together.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to play match maker but I really think they look good together. It wouldn’t come as a shock if someone told me that they are dating.

What most of you didn’t know is that they both finished high school while working on Skeem Saam. Before I say goodbye, I have a few questions for you, please don’t stop reading.

Why are they always together? Are they close friends? After looking at the provided pictures, would you honestly say there is nothing going on between the two?

Thank you for reading. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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