Lindiwe and Nhlamlo marriage collapse

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Lindiwe is unreasonable and a bit selfish. Her attitude is going to send Nhlamulo back to his shady ways of making money because clearly that’s the only time he is appreciated. He can’t even spend time with his boys for 2 weeks without being reminded that he is unemployed.

The same Lindiwe who was quick to tell Omphile she will move in with them after the house is finished without discussing with her husband, but his kids are too much.

So Lindiwe was complaining that Nhlamulo was giving her baby mama a lot of unnecessary monies.

Now they can the kids and save their money, she complain too. Raising kids is not about money only. Its time she learn and appreciate that looking after kids it’s not kids game. She is Selfish she clearly said she doesn’t want the kids. Well she should have dated Cj without any kids.

Why bring children while they have financial problems and the are staying with lot of people in that place I think the mother is selfish .i won’t give my Baby Daddy kids when he has financial problems busy going up and down looking for job. Nhlamulo the time he had money he didn’t have time for his kids to me it’s seems like his trying to prove a point.

Lindiwe complaints a lot so she was happy when she was chowing money now that guy is down she complains, she must just be a good and supportive wife and be proud of this guy for loving his children.

Lindiwe is not wrong. how can a mother just dump her kid’s like that without even sitting down and go about it? that’s a commune and there are other people who lives there as well. you all blaming Lindiwe ain’t fair at all, it’s too early. Everyone is right and everyone is wrong? You don’t just dump kids on your newly wedded wife.

You discuss and prepare and bring them in. Yes she knew but wasn’t expecting them now, especially when she’s in a commune with other house mates.

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