Luyolo overtakes Gadaffi

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Move over Gadaffi; Doctor Luyolo Dzedze is the new Generations The Legacy gym bae. Actor Karabo Maseko plays the role of Dr Luyolo Dzedze on Generations The Legacy.

The 26-year-old actor was born and bred in Middleburg, Mpumalanga province, he moved to Johannesburg in 2014 to study for a degree in Business Management and the University of Johannesburg. Before Generations The Legacy, Karabo landed gigs on etv where he presented ShizNiz and Crazy World Live.

On Generations The Legacy, the Luyolo character is a qualified medical doctor mainly concerned about serving the community.

Despite his efforts, he was once in hot soup and sued over medical malpractice after prescribing Kabisi Moroka the wrong pain dosage.

The Rastafarian and dreadlocked doctor is a lady’s man on screen; he had a physical relationship with fellow doctor Sphe Moroka, Mazwi’s ex-wife. His relationship with HIV positive and former prostitute Tracy ended in tears after Tracy terminated her pregnancy, denying Luyolo a chance to become a father.

Recently cancer troubled Lesedi Diale attempted to kiss the charming and attractive Dr Luyolo to no avail. Karabo Maseko’s on-screen charm is a reflection of his real life. In real life, Karabo Maseko is ripped with muscles (every girl’s weakness) and leaves women drooling for a piece of him.

A gym enthusiasm Luyolo posted his picture ripped with muscles and six-packs, and Generations fans gives him the Generations The Legacy Bae Award. Previously Kumkani Gadaffi Phakhade, the role played by Vuyo Dabula, held the sopies ladies’ man title. Muscles, power and money attract women to gangster Gaddafi on Generations The Legacy.

On-screen, Luyolo competes with ripped giants Mazwi Moroka and Kumkani but rarely hits the gym or shows off his muscles.

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