Simphiwe Ngema narrates how she nearly died

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Simphiwe Ngema had a near death experience Yes we have all seen the adorable baby pictures and videos Simphiwe Ngema posts but she never shared the gruesome experience she went through to make it possible until now.

The actress decided to give her fans a glimpse of the difficult pregnancy she had. ‘It’s still so unbelievable that I carried a whole human being. I had the most difficult pregnancy ever. At some point I didn’t think we were going to make it.

I remember my dad saying they better get that baby out before he kills my baby. But God had us at she shared on Instagram Stories, Simphiwe also added that, though she is a good person.

Her love has been very difficult. However, everything she has is so much more with it because of how difficult it was to get it in another photo she lay on the surgery bed holding a baby, whilst her mother stood beside her about that moment she said, We cried so much.

My mum was still crying and this peak, mercy said no, I’m not going to let you go. the singer also spoke about her post pregnancy weight loss journey, which she called a difficult one, but just looking at a miracle baby reminds her that a God exists, and she is filled with gratitude.

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