#SkeemSaam Meikie will lose the case after paying R1.2M for a lawyer

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Meikie’s lawyer Gail Mathabatha demands R1.2 millions. That is a lot of money for Meikie to pay in order Gail Mathabatha to stand for her in court.

What is really the point of spending so much money on the case like this not knowing if you will stand a chance to win or not.

Meikie should have left Bopape to represent her because even John Maputla her husband is not willing to pay that kind of money to a lawyer. Meikie should find another way to win her case.

Meikie Maputla if she pays and wins the case many people are not goig to be happy with her because she has a lot of bad things in the public eye they obviously want her to pay for her since and her husband is not bothered by whether she goes to jail or wins the case.

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