WATCH: Zodwa WaBantu Beats Up Fan Who Touched Her Goodies On Stage

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A video has gone viral showing entertainer Zodwa WaBantu beating up a fan moments after she took off her panties on stage. Zodwa was performing and she was seen taking off her underwear much to the delight of everyone.

However, she was seen instructing her bodyguard moments later to beat up a fan. Her bodyguards pulled the reveler from the crowd onto the stage and gave him some slaps before Zodwa joined in the beating and slapped him some more. Zodwa WaBantu on stage has been known as a free character who lets her fans do as they wish.

It is not clear what the culprit did but a wild guess would be he tried to grope Zodwa on stage or said something offensive. This has been worrying for a lot of her fans who fear the safety of Zodwa when she dresses in the nude, whilst in the presence of rapey men.

Watch The Video Below :

In a video posted prior to Zodwa WaBantu beating up a fan, another video was posted at the same event which showed Zodwa dancing and fans chanting that she remove her undergarments.

Zodwa promptly agreed and proceeds to remove them much to the delight of the fans.
Zodwa WaBantu on stage
She swung it in the air, whilst wearing a skimpy, black see-through dress.

She praised herself as being an authentic and genuine person, who believes that there is Zodwa Wabantu in every one. She also encouraged people to book her for events.

In lighter news, Zodwa’s influence in Olefile ‘Ricardo’ Mpudi’s life has been very evident. The young man, her Ben 10 is now getting bookings and walking on red carpets after he got involved with Zodwa Wabantu.

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