LOL Connie Ferguson Publicly laughs at Mamkhize’s walk

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When Shawn Mkhize debuted on her reality tv show more than a year ago, she became a household name. This was mainly because of how rich she is, people were even comparing her house to a mall, that how bit it is.

But more than all the money and the wealth, many people adore her because of her bubbly personality.
After people saw how rich Shawn is, they started comparing her to Connie Ferguson. The two were always put against each other as to who is the richest.

However these two Queens never entertained these comparisons, or so it seemed.

We often do not like it when people make remarks about our bodies, the way we walk and especially if they are gonna highlight those remarks publicly. Shawn recently posted beautiful pictures of herself of which many people were just complimenting her.

Connie Ferguson came out and pointed out at her walk and laughed at it with emojis. Why would she do this? Was it an innocent remarks or there is more to this?

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