#Generations: See who killed Siyanda

The last episode of Generations: The Legacy on Friday night left fans with more questions than answers as to who really killed journalist Siyanda Khoza.

On Thursday night Siyanda died after falling from the roof top. The detectives came to a conclusion that it wasn’t suicide he was rather pushed by someone.

The journalist and his wife had created some enemies for themselves especially after exposing tender corruption by Ben and Minister Nkala.

Soapie predictors claim Tshidi and Kumkani have a hand in the death of Siyanda and are planning to frame Mazwi as a way to win Tshidi back into the Morokas.

Other predictors claim Tshidi told Siyanda the story about Kabisi buying a kidney as a way to silence him Mazwi and Siyanda had a fight which might have resulted in a fight between them.

It remains to be exposed by Detective Malinga and his team after a number of investigations on how the young guy died.

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