List of Celebs who allegedly abandoned their children

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It is painful to be abandoned by your biological parents. In this cruel world that we are living in, your parents must be your pillar of strength, and a shoulder to lean on in times of troubles.

When you are going through difficulties, knowing that you have a caring mother or father makes you feel better, it makes you feel you are not lost.

Many people commit suicide not because they have problems but because in the middle of those problems or storms there’s no one who really care.

Remember your parents are the only people who will love you unconditionally without reasons and without aiming to get anything in return. Missing on this kind of love can make one to lack some sense of belonging.

There are celebrities who have been rumoured to have abandoned their children. Some were reported to have been neglecting their children.

Bear in mind that these remain claims, and non of those celebrities have agreed or confirmed that they did abandoned their children.

1. Vusi Kunene

Vusumuzi Michael Kunene is an actor best known for portraying Jack Mabaso on Generations. Not known to many he has a daughter with Grace Mahlaba (Ipeleng Theledi on Backstage) who is now the head writer on Scandal.

In 2014 Grace dragged Kunene to court for not paying child support and the daughter was in process of suing Kunene for child abandonment. It seems the actor had not been taking care of his daughter in any way.

2. Zola 7

Bonginkosi Dlamini popularly known by his stage name Zola 7 is a South African musician who hails from the township of Zola in Soweto.

In 2019 he was accused of abandoning his children and his now ex wife also complained that Zola gave her only R1000,00 to take care of their three children.

Celebrities are normal people just like everyone else. They are not excluded from making mistakes. Just like everyone else they can take part in shameful acts because they are human.

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