Nadia Nakai made laughing stock over Halloween costume

Nadia Nakai is one of South Africa’s celebrated rappers and has made her mark in the game being alongside loved rappers like Caspper Nyovest.

She has released a few songs and some were not received well because they claim that she is actually not such a good rapper, but her fans would disagree. Some of the songs that she made became some of the most trending in South Africa, but recently she has not released any new projects.

Nadia was trending on social media, and it was not because of her music, but because of the Halloween costume that she was wearing.

Halloween is a well-known and celebrated occasion, especially in western countries, where people are allowed to dress in outfits depicting someone else or a character from their favourite TV show.

It is not something that is very popular in Africa, but recently, South African celebs have started enjoying taking part in traditions such as Halloween, and every year we get looks from them.

This year, Nadia Nakai decided that she wanted to copy one of Kim Kardashian’s looks, and it seems like people on social media did not receive it well. Some claim her look was an epic fail and she became a laughing stock. Even though some people feel like she nailed the look, there were, of course, a few critics.

The look that she tried to pull off was the one where Kim wore all black from her head to toes, and it was one of the looks that left many around the world talking. Nadia tried the same look, but it seems like her mistake was wearing different shades of black or a dress that looked like it was sparkling.

Either way, even if she did not look exactly the way that Kim looked, many people shamed her, and it is unfair, I must say, because she was just having fun and she did look decent. Maybe the problem was just the dress. What do you think?


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