Bushiri pays back for his ‘sins’

Well South Africa government had turned into a laughing stock after Bushiri had escaped to Malawi after being granted bail of R200 000 with is Wife Marry .

The two couple were in prison for money laundering of about R102 million and they were out on bail with restrictions.

Unfortunately Bushiri came up with some excuses saying that he wasn’t feeling safe anymore and that he feared for his life and that of his family .

It didn’t take long before they can escape the country without anyone knowing. Upon their arrival to Malawi they handed themselves over to the police where they appeared on court and was out in no time.

Now South Africa had apply for an application for them to be brought back to South Africa in order to face their crimes and pay for it. Bushiri was too clever to apply for magistrate recusal and fortunate enough their application was dismissed just like that .

Now this puts South Africa’s application for extradition which were were accepted by the Malawi government.

This means Bushiri and his wife will be coming back to South Africa to face their crimes. There is nothing they can do now rather than to accept they they had lost.

It’s bad news for them and good news for South Africans.

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