#Scandal: Fans want Zenzele dead

This shows that this boy is good at what he is doing, he is really killing his role. When you see people calling for his removal, like they did with Boniswa Langa.

This boy has got a pure talent. You remember Njeza at Uzalo, that guy that was abusing his girlfriend Nozipho. A lot of people ended up calling for the character to be killed, to a point that Uzalo began to loose viewers, but he was just acting.

It is for that reason why he was put away in prison for some time. They are a quite number of people like during the time was KK was abusing his girlfriend, Meme, a lot of people called for his removal. It went to a point that people wanted to beat him in the streets.

So this is the case of this young man, he may be headed towards the same direction. People may not realize that he is just acting. For the facct that he can get you worked up with the character he is playing, it shows that there is a good talent of acting in this young man.

It is just that the drama should be able to teach people something positive, to teach the members of the public something good, it must not always good to see people getting away with most disturbing crimes because they’ve got money. It is not also good to see these Kubeka family spoiling their child because they have to got money.

They can do anything to cover up his wrong doings. This is another thing that gets people worked up because, one way or the other, they are going to find out that their son was the one who was behind the cable theft, but still they will cover it up.

Especially the sister, the mother, and the father, we know how corrupt this three are. They are going to cover up again for this young man, and innocent people are going to die for it.

I think this is the most thing that people hate about the character of this young man, but let’s wait and see what the producers have in mind.

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