Son of Rosemary Nomia Ndlovu to be dug from the grave

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The long arm of the law is not yet done with; Rosemary Nomia Ndlovu; the 47 year-old serial killer; originally from Bushbuckridge; Limpopo; who is now serving six life sentences in prison.

There are strong suspicions that Ndlovu may have murdered her 13 year-old son; who came to visit her for the first and last time in Johannesburg in 2008.

The state is now preparing to exhume the body of Jaunty Khoza (13); to ascertain the real cause of his passing.

Khoza who lived with his grandmother on a full-time basis; in Bushbuckridge; visited his mother; Ndlovu; during the school holidays in 2008; he never made it back home.h
Ndlovu is not new to controversy; she was recently sentenced to six life terms for the murders of five of her relatives plus her boyfriend; for insurance policies she had taken out in their names.

An Advocate at the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA); Johannesburg Central office; Riana Williams; who was involved in the prosecution of Ndlovu for her six crimes; spoke to a local newspaper and said that they think Ndlovu may have poisoned her own son.

Khoza’s toxicology report could not detect any poisoning because the organ submitted for forensic testing laid untested from 2008 to 2019; meaning the poison may have dissolved.

The request for the exhumation of Khoza’s body; stems from lack of evidence that Ndlovu; may have killed him and the useless organ that was not tested in time at the forensic laboratory. According to Williams; no one knows how Khoza died.

Khoza’s inquest docket was opened at Thembisa police station; where Ndlovu had worked up until she was arrested. The inquest docket went missing and was never found.

Back in 2008; when Jaunty was admitted into hospital where he passed away; Ndlovu was there.

Which is similar to when the other deaths in her family occured; Ndlovu was always; either with the deceased before or immediately after they died.

Ndlovu may have gotten away with murder long before 2012; when the deaths of his relatives started happening and being noticed.

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