V Class Slay Queen handcuffed for not paying hotel bill

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Slay queens, as people call them normally do not spend their own money when they go out to have fun.

They would just dress up, look really nice and just show up at the groove where they will get guys to pay for their drinks

This applies to quite a few things like vacations including hotel bills. Nthabi, the girl who was dragged out of a V class was apparently involved in another scandal where she and her friends did not pay the hotel bill.

One would wonder where they were going from the first place knowing very well that they do not have money but such is not so surprising in this country since girls, especially slay queens can make plans and enjoy things without paying hoping the guy would pay for it.

What could have taken place? Was Nthabi and her friend dropped by a guy who was supposed to pay for the hotel bill? How come they went to a hotel knowing very well they do not have money?

In the video, the beautiful Nthabi is visibly handcuffed and shouts “I’ll sue you”. One lady from the manager asked, “how will you be able to sue us when you do not even have money to pay for a hotel bill”.

Is this becoming a sad trend where girls want to reap and enjoy benefits and lifestyles we can not afford? Will this habit ever end in South Africa?

Are men enablers of this trend because they have money to splash? Why can’t girls live a lifestyle they can afford?


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