Ali Ferguson gives away some cash

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Shona Ferguson’s Daughter Is Giving Money Away, See Maybe You Might Also Get A Cut

See it is really true when they say nothing lasts forever. Even pain, pain doesn’t last forever, it might never completely go away but as time goes on, it also fades away.

Nothing really beats time, it all gets better as time goes on
3 months later we can finally say the it looks as if the Ferguson’s are now healing, back then when the tragedy hit, no one really thought we would ever get to see them get on with their lives.

Let’s recap, exactly at the end of July this year, mzansi was saddened by the news of the passing of the legendary Shona Ferguson. Shona passed away from Covid 19 related issues.

Well it looks like the family has healed and they are now going on with their lives, look at the youngest daughter she is already giving away money with her campaigns and all.

She has partnered with chipper cash, see what the whole post below

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