Popular Sangoma reveals South Africa’s next President

indafrica November 25, 2021
Updated 2021/11/25 at 12:07 PM

Sometimes, prophecy doesn’t always happen as it’s said because some just decided to say it from their own mind to change peoples thinking perspectives but it’s totally fake.

A very popular prophet who is well known in Mzansi has caused confusion online but not to talk about Connie Ferguson late wife, but something entirely different which no one ever expected.

The Celestial prophet stated that former President Jacob Zuma’s son, Duduzani Zuma, would be future president of the Republic of South Africa.

He also added that no one at all would ever notice or see him coming.

Although some seem unprepared for the longer term South African President, others are outraged at the news and hope for an additional Zuma’s presidential contender, someone who can lead the country to become a better place.

Duduzane Zuma has the potential to become the President of South Africa in the future because he has knowledge concerning politics and stuffs related to it at a very high rate.

Who would have thought that he could surpass his father who was the former President of South Africa back then. There’s still some few years left before 2025 reaches and we will know if this prophecy is true or not.

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