Nkunzi to kill Hlelo for being a loose end

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We saw the end of Mthunzi after Nkunzi killed him while trying to protect Gabisile. The scene happened very fast when Gabisile thought she was tough but she had finally met her match.

The whole shooting happened in the church of kwamashu leaving Mzansi in shock at what a place of God has turned into. Whenever Gabisile is involved, there is always crime and death. Where she ever stop??

Hlelo was shocked, we guess she had hoped Nkunzi would resolve the issue better, or even spare Mthunzi’s life. Hlelo is in a state of depression and she feels lost because the father of her child is finally dead. Despite knowing that the man abused her, she still blames herself.

She will hate Nkunzi for Killing Mthunzi and since she witnessed the whole thing, she might need to be silenced. Hlelo might decide to expose Nkunzi but that will put her in danger.

She might become a loose end that Nkunzi might soon have to kill to stay out of jail

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