Lehasa’s deepest secret comea out

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Lehasa is a very dangerous business man. He will do anything to save himself even if it means hurting people around him.

We know that Lehasa killed Fani who was Eunice’s boyfriend. He got away with and no one was ever able to link him to the crime. It seems like the plane has finally landed for Lehasa and he will not be running away.

Eunice has always wanted to expose Lehasa and it seems like the time has come. It is allegedly that Eunice will find a USB stick with incriminating evidence against a very dangerous man. We suspect that the dangerous man could be Lehasa.

Lehasa has a lot of hidden secrets that would really ruin his life if someone found them. We wonder what kind of incriminating evidence the USB contains. Whatever it is, it will not end well for Eunice.

Please leave a comment. Tell what you think will happen to Eunice if she happens to get hold of all Lehasa’s secrets? Will she live to tell the story??

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