Faith Nketsi seen ‘cheating’ on boyfriend

Faith Nketsi has cheated on her significant other once again.
She confessed to cheating on Thami, the boyfriend who appeared on season 1 of her reality show.

She said that the reason for cheating was that she was bored of him and their relationship.

Faith Nketsi is rumored to have cheated on the man that bought her a Range Rover.

Faith posted a QnA on her Instagram account. A fans asked her when she was going to post her boyfriend on her social media. Her response was rather strange because we all knew that she had a boyfriend.

She responded with, “I don’t have one.”

The popcorn room posted a screenshot from a DM that they received. According to the screenshot, Faith Nketsi is now single because she was cheating on her boyfriend with a white man.

Not so long ago, she was posting cute videos of herself and her boyfriend on her Tik Tok page, now she is claiming to be single.

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