“SIeeping with another woman aside your wife is not a big sin” – Pope Francis reveals the biggest sin

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Pope Francis said that sins done by the flesh aren’t the most important sins that people can do. He was going to a press conference on Monday when he said that.

It was said by the 84-year-old man of God that the suns that are the most dangerous on Earth are hate and pride.

In the days after Archbishop Paris Michael had to stop being a man of God because he was caught cheating on a married woman, the man of cloth said something that many people didn’t like about.

Even though the 70-year-old Sayed said the relationship was not “S3xual,” he was forced to hang up his boots to keep the church from getting bad press.

The Pope said that while they were in a relationship, they only touched each other’s bodies but didn’t do anything else. God’s commandment, specifically the 6th one that talked about adultery, was the subject.

Because he was hypocritical, he said that he accepted his resignation.
He didn’t say that he broke the 6th commandment, which is what caused him to quit.

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