Bushiri under fire as his son exposes deep secrets

indafrica December 11, 2021
Updated 2021/12/11 at 9:01 AM

In 2019 the Zimbabwean-conceived Pastor Charles Farai was assaulted by ECG individuals in the wake of uncovering their dad Prophet Bushiri. Charles was on each feature discussing the phony marvels occurring in Bushiri’s congregation.

The congregation said Charles is lying about all that he said about the congregation and Bushiri. Farai was important for individuals who were cooking counterfeit wonders in the congregation.

Anyway Charles is once again at it, the ECG previous brilliant has been standing out as truly newsworthy lately in the wake of uncovering Bushiri by and by and considering him a phony prophet. The Zimbabwean conceived whiz uncovered that Bushiri has been paying him some money to keep his mouth shut.

Apparently Charles isn’t great at keeping guarantees as he went to uncover more soil about Bushiri and his phony marvels conspires indeed.

Charles asserts that the cash Bushiri gave him when they met in Malawi has a place with him on the grounds that Bushiri hasn’t paid him every last bit of it while he was as yet an individual from the ECG.

Charles likewise uncovered Bushiri for going behind his wife’s back with irregular young ladies. He said that Bushiri is a phony prophet who rests around with honest young ladies from everywhere the world. This stunned a many individuals in the remark area, after this story was uncovered by “The reality of life outrageous” on Facebook.

He was recorded by a media house saying “shepherd Bushiri, the cash you gave me as of late in Malawi doesn’t change the way that you are a phony prophet who dozes around with honest young ladies from everywhere. This is the cash you owed me for some time since you fled from South Africa.”

“You better compensation me all my cash as we concurred. I’m Charles Farai, dislike your Charlatan’s that gets paid off to stay calm. I can’t be purchased and I began this development of openness, I dread nobody,” he added.


As indicated by me, I accept Charles when he discusses counterfeit marvels, since nothing about Bushiri is by all accounts valid. Also the way that he’s actually paying Charles after he uncovered him 2 years prior, demonstrates that to be sure there is something he’s attempting to stow away.

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