Here is a Iesbian wedding that got Mzansi talking and here is why

indafrica December 13, 2021
Updated 2021/12/13 at 8:45 PM

Love is a beautiful thing more especially if you have someone to share it with, nowadays it’s hard to find someone that’s going to love you for real. And there’s something about love and heart that some people don’t understand that when it chooses to love it loves for real.

But in some relationships, most people don’t approve of them, because of the choices of partners. Some men still don’t understand that why does a woman has to marry or date another woman. Because a woman is meant to date a man.

When it comes to this kind of issue it’s hard to get answers that will satisfy men because some women will tell you they don’t owe anyone an explanation but what they can say is they are in love and some men will have to accept and deal with it.
Pictures of the lesbian wedding were shared on social media obviously since it’s a lesbian a lot will be said.

Some people will approve and some will disapprove. And that’s exactly what happened here some people were not pleased with this all as some of them started dragging them.

But not everyone some people were taken by this couple more especially the lady in a suit. And as for the lady in a wedding dress, some people thought she was the well-known Nomzamo Mbatha.

People on social media will always have something to say whether you do good or you do bad, they will always have something to say. And in this matter it’s not about them it’s all about how much these people love each other. And you can’t choose to love someone you don’t love or become something your just because you are scared of what people will say.

People’s opinions will always be there and some men will always comment because they don’t understand why would a woman fall in love with another woman while there are men out there.

Some women say its because men don’t love them the way they want to be loved. So I guess more women will fall into the hands of another woman because men fail to love them.

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