Mpho wants to kidnap Kenosi?

indafrica December 20, 2021
Updated 2021/12/20 at 8:46 PM

We all thought the secret of a stolen baby would never come to light but it seems like the plane will finally land. Doors are closing while Imani and James have no Idea what is happening.

Mpho is getting attached to her baby without knowing that it is hers. We are just waiting for her to discover and that will happen soon. Kenosi has been crying uncontrollably and she feels Imani is not taking goog care of her.

Mpho is getting closer to the truth and Moipone is not close to prevent that from happen. Mpho wanted to give Kenosi herbs to help him stop crying but Imani refused. will Mpho go behind Imani’s back to heal Kenosi??

We wonder if Mpho will breast feed Kenosi or give her herbs or even perform of her rituals, if she does, then it’s the end for Moipone because Mpho will finally discover the truth.

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