Nyaope addict son burns down father house, granny dies upon hearing the news

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A house in Spruitview burned down yesterday day morning. Later the grandmother (KZN) passed away upon hearing the news of her sons house having been DESTROYED. His son burned the house. Double tragedy for them this festive season.

The community came out to save people inside the house and the fire was just too much to fight.

People tried but fire is something else when it’s on full force, there is no information given as yet about the people who were in the house whether they are well or not. This happened early in the morning while others were asleep.

“We don’t talk enough about spiritual attacks sent in the form of addictions to destroy. Gambling, alcohol, sex addiction, are all attached to the spirit of darkness.

And again, the attack is almost always on the boy child”, said someone on twitter.

This is very sad, if you have young boys and girls in your communities or wherever you stay.

Please try to teach them about the effects of drugs and substance abuse, not only material effects but holistic effects including one’s mental health and emotional health.
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