Scandal: The Khubekas will do the worst to Caiphus

indafrica December 21, 2021
Updated 2021/12/21 at 6:00 AM

The Khubekas are the new powerful family in town on scandal. They are bringing a lot of drama and viewers are enjoying watching them hide their secrets.

The Khubekas are united and look out for each other’s interest. They make sure that their name is not tarnished and will do anything to keep a good image.

However with Zenzele being the black sheep of the family, it might be difficult to do things right.

Caiphus took the fall for Zenzele and went to jail. The khubekas were meant to make sure that Caiphus does not spend more that 6 months in prison but it seems like things are about to go bad.

The Khubekas are currently broke and can not afford to pay a bribe to get Caiphus out of jail. What will they do now, because Caiphus is putting pressure on them??

There might be a need to silence him for good.

What do you think the Khubekas will do?? Do you think they will bail Caiphus out or kill him ??


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