After being fired from the Queen this is what SK Khoza now do for a living

indafrica December 22, 2021
Updated 2021/12/22 at 8:05 AM

After being fired from the Queen this is what SK Khoza now do for a living. SK Khoza has been trending lately as he faced some personal challenges which led to his joblessness and as the desperate times call for equal measures, he is now trying his luck on a different career path.

The ex-actor for “The Queen” has a nasty breakup with his paymasters and was also involved in an altercation with his fiancée.

Now he is trying his way into music as a singer. His antics on the screen also reflected in his real life and unlike on The Queen, there’s no Connie Ferguson to look after him like a chaperone.

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When COVID-19 lockdown measures were out in place, Khoza disregarded them and hosted a party. He was later arrested after photos and videos taken for the event went viral all over social media.

He then lost his gig with the Ferguson Films produced show while also getting arrested. That wasn’t his only crime, he also assaulted his fiancée physically and after she reported the case he was put under police custody.

Later on he was granted bail and released. As this was happening, Multichoice revoked his contract and this led Ferguson Films to follow suite.

Fans then called for his young brother to replace him on the show as they believe Abdul Khoza has what it takes to succeed on the role.

It has then since emerged that SK Khoz may be well pursuing a different career path in music.

His Instagram feed last week supports this notion and not forgetting that in 2019 he was once seen recording in the studio while attempting to drop one or two lyrics.

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