Lehasa’s deepest secret comes out

indafrica December 22, 2021
Updated 2021/12/22 at 7:46 AM

Lehasa is starting to be a worried man these days after his deepest secrets are about to be revealed because of the current situation that is happening in his life, where Emkay and Eunice have forced Petersen to come back in the case which he was removed onto in the past months.

With Kgosi struggling to satisfy his children this day, Lehasa is starting to make his life difficult where he has just given him the written warning that might make him to lose his job if he continues to make such mistakes in the coming weeks, and this time things might go wrong for him.

Because Kgosi has helped to steal evidence of Fannie in Hospital that proves the dirty things that he has done in the past.

Will this be the end of Lehasa because everyone is running against him and he might go to prison for a long time?

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