#Muvhango: Gugu makes biggest mistake of her life

indafrica December 22, 2021
Updated 2021/12/22 at 6:05 AM

The nightmare that Vutshilo didn’t want to see on his life is about to happen after Gugu has done something that can nearly destroy the future of Mukwevho clan were she slept with both Father and son, which has ended on choosing Vutshilo over his father after the proposal that he has made.

But both Azwindini and Gugu cannot resist their feelings over each other which makes the matter to be worse, because last week they had a serious intemacy and the chief still wants more from Gugu, but the polygamy marriage is not what everyone is expecting to happen.

Gugu is also sending text to Azwindini telling each how they missed their good moments in the room.

They are also a lot of rumours that are going on which might cause a huge blow in the drama, were Gugu might choose Azwindini over Vutshilo and chase him out of the house.

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