John Maputla in deep trouble

John Maputla has been making a decent attempt to continue on with his own personal business later the capture of Meikie we’re it likewise made his children live him and start another life again in different towns, while Thabo is out of the nation attempting to make an existence with his better half and kid who were approaching forward to remain with him.

However, on account of Kwaito in light of the fact that he has made the existence of Maputla basic as they are beginning to bound together as father and child, yet there’s even more dramatization that will occur as Meikie has begun to find that the two families were getting to know each other during Christmas.

Seakamelas respected Maputla’s greeting and came to the house to praise the significant day with.

It seems as though his arrangement of joining these two families is meeting up and Meikie needs to apologize to Mantuli again in light of the fact that they have been old buddies for a long.

Will Mike return home on schedule to see many changes that have occurred in the house?

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