Cyan Boujee and Corner Butcher involved in a fight

indafrica December 27, 2021
Updated 2021/12/27 at 8:41 PM

South African social media personality, brand influencer and DJ Cyan Boujee is engaged in a war of words with Mamelodi restaurant, Corner Butcher Meat Cafe.

The curvy Youtube personality alleged that the owner of Corner Butcher physically assaulted her and her friends on Saturday night. Cyan Boujee even shared a photo of her battered face as evidence of the assault.

The media personality called for the owner of Corner Butcher Meat Cafe to be arrested and for the venue to be closed down.

However, some social media users questioned Cyan Boujee’s version of events and accused her of starting the fight at Corner Butcher.

The restaurant has since released a statement refuting Cyan Boujee’s allegations. Corner Butcher counterclaimed that Cyan Boujee and her friends had ganged up and attacked one of the artists performing at the venue.

The Shisanyama joint claimed that this altercation led to Cyan Boujee and her friends attacking the owner of Corner Market as well.

In the early hours of this morning, an unfortunate incident occurred at Corner Butcher, a lady known as Cyan Bougie and her friends attacked one of the performers that were booked by Corner Butcher, the business had no other option but to protect the artist, whom we can’t disclose their identity as yet; the altercation led to unwanted situations whereby the owner was attacked by Cyan and her friends.
Our owner has a torn shirt and damaged facilities due to the altercation; it saddens the business that a lady whom we’ve tried to empower as a DJ is tarnishing our image through these semantics. GBV is a serious matter and shouldn’t be derailed by such semantics.

Regardless of Cyan’s known violent history, Corner Butcher has booked her on numerous occasions but, on the night in question she wasn’t booked by the entity. We’re determined and adamant to fight GBV hence we’ll let due process follow.

Corner Butcher would like to apologise to its followers for witnessing such behaviour and we condemn violence on all fronts.
We’re confident that the rule of law and justice will prevail.

However, Cyan Boujee is not backing down and continued her war of words with Corner Butcher by challenging the restaurant to name the artist she allegedly attacked first. She responded to the post by saying,
please what’s the artists name?

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