Phindile Gwala married to Zimbabwean boyfriend

Phindile Gwala-Ngandu is a South African actress and media personality. Phindile Gwala is an entrepreneur and actress who is popular known for her role as Nonny on Muvhango and who is currently playing the role of Fikile on Imbewu.

She becone famous ahen sje debut her acting career on Muvhango in 2012. She announced about her resignation after five years later of being part of Muvhango family following her reasonto push her brand of being an enterprise. She’s made appearances in other flicks and looks forward to more years on the scene.

Her character Nonny in Muvhango is the one and the only reason that made her to be famous and to be who she is today. Fans have always live her not because of her skills in acting but because 8f her beautiful body shape that has open more opportunities for her.

She Never sees to impress her with her body that some viewers even think she’s not who she is and some demand to see her husband. There are many reasons for us to think that actress Phindile Gwala could be taken. She has been seen many times with Armando Ngandu who is said to be her husband.

Phindile and model boyfriend Armando Ngandu have tied the knot. Three years back in 2018. This year both they celebrating three years if their married and being together embracing their loved.

Phindile Gwala-Ngandu has been married twice in her life. This is the things that many people does not know about her.

She was married to her first husband who have passed on. She was fortunate lucky enough to find someone who is willing to find love soon after the death of her late husband.

Armando Ngandu has become the luckiest man in the world to some someone like Phindile Gwala-Ngandu.

Armando and Phindile are nowing having a child, a daughter called Lola. The two are raising their child together as they are the biological father.

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