#Scandal Lindiwe kisses Mdala

indafrica December 27, 2021
Updated 2021/12/27 at 5:31 PM

Since we have finally got a chance to see the man Nhlamulo has been hiding from, thugs have been going bad for him. Mdala came back ready to avenge, and Nhlamulo has been scared and worried about what will Mdala do.

But Mdala had Nhlamulo fooled into believing that he has forgiven him while this week he continues with his devious plan to avenge.

And his plan includes Lindiwe, we all know Lindiwe loves the high life and it is shame that she is willing to risk her marriage to Nhlamulo to get that life. Nhlamulo’s baby mama also adds to the drama by telling Nhlamulo about Lindiwe’s past.

According to the teasers and scandal’s Facebook page as the year end we will see a stolen kiss between Lindiwe and Mdala gets caught on camera.

Fans of Scandal reacted to the teaser the show shared on their social media page. Some fans asked for Lindiwe’s marriage to end already.

While others were disappointed in Lindiwes and other even comparing her to her mother who also ruined her marriage by sleeping with another man (Neo Mokgethi).

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