Uzalo: Mastermind comes back with master plans

indafrica December 27, 2021
Updated 2021/12/27 at 11:03 AM

Khathide Maphumulo came to Uzalo as a innocent child who just came out of jail trying to fix his life little did we know he will bring nothing but trouble for Mamlambo and the youth of KwaMashu.

Mamlambo met Khathide while he was still in prison and she was doing community service after getting sentenced by the court of law for not reporting an abondoned new born baby.

She got to know a young man that wanted a better life when he get out of jail and Hlengiwe was willing to help him get that life. Lambo welcomed him to her house and even gave him a spare key so he can be able to come and go anytime he wants.

Khathide felt safe with Mamlambo because she gave him Holy water that he believes is keeping him safe and brings him good luck. The news about the holy water did not sit well with Lambo because the young man is using the water for all the wrong reasons.

When she found out about the Red Pill that Khathide is selling to their community, Mamlambo feared for her life and even worse when he started making threats about going down with her if she goes to the police.

She even got Screwdriver to change her locks but Khathide came in just before she gets the new keys and demanded his own spare key.

Things got even worse when Captain Mondli Mdlalose started noticing Khathide and arresting one of his runner.

It is unfortunate that Mondli’s investigations never makes it to prison and that will happen to Khathide when Zweli Mastermind Maphumulo comes back to save him from going back to jail.

As mentioned before the two criminals are cousins and Zweli is will to risk everything to keep his cousin out of jail.

We last saw Mastermind when he came to help MaNgcobo on her biggest and last heist on Uzalo.

Everyone was excited about his comeback thinking that he is going to stay for a while but he was gone before we knew it. Now he is making another come which we don’t know how long it’s going to last.

Read teasers below:

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