List of men dated by Amanda Du Pont

indafrica December 28, 2021
Updated 2021/12/28 at 6:00 AM

These days, it is very hard to track down genuine romance. Many individuals have confessed to having dated various accomplices prior to tracking down the best one for them.

In view of changes in way of life in the twenty-first century, it has become progressively hard for individuals to find the ideal colleagues who like and backing them.

Indeed, even superstars and well known characters, in spite of their abundance and properties, endure with connections.

Amanda Du Pont, an entertainer and model, is one of the South African famous people that battled with connections until she ultimately tracked down the best one for her

1. Jub jub

Amanda dated Jub jub when she was as yet a young person in 2006. They were seeing someone Jub was imprisoned in 2010.

She was moving the earlier week in the wake of detailing that he abused her for a long time.

2. Cassper Nyovest is number two

Amanda Du Pont’s subsequent beau is Cassper Nyovest. They started dating in 2014, soon after Cassper rose to fame. Tragically, their affection was fleeting, and they split up in 2015.

3. Slikour

Amanda has additionally been connected to Slikour, an artist and TV and radio character. She didn’t, in any case, share anything about her association with him to general society.

4. Shawn Rodriguez

hawn, a Caucasian man, is Amanda’s present beau. They are joyfully hitched and expect to remain together. Shawn is an exceptionally well-off man, and Amanda has been seen traveling everywhere.

My Opinion

Everybody has a past, and in spite of her big name, Amanda has a previous with regards to connections and love. What are your sentiments about the ones who have dated Amanda Du Pont? If it’s not too much trouble, leave your remarks underneath and remain tuned for extra updates.

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