Magongwa and Lehasa arrested

The primary individual to commend this uplifting news about the Magongwas being brought is Charles Kunutu and Principal.

It’s actual when they say, The Magongwas are called to the police headquarters by an official of the law. Cash changes individuals These two are doing to much.

Magongwa has become haughty and it teaches him a lesson. First individual to commend the news. Charles Kunutu a man who detests everybody.

News voyages quick in Turflop. Magongwa’s think they brilliant yet thinks gradually as a turtle. They’re beginners attempting to be the most incredible in their fronting game. I can hardly wait to perceive how long they will endure and what will Alphios do in future reprisal.

Magongwa is ravenous mama I wish they get captured some how he doesn’t go give peopll their cash according to arrangement. He needed to go have a good time and returned later Christmas to give Alfios his cash.

I see the forthcoming episodes of skeem saam become exhausting Meiki in prison, Magongwas in prison so as Lehasa, they all have a place in prison yet film without starings. Assuming that Magongwas made the best decision by giving the helpless person his cash on time no part of this might have occurred.

Alfios’ karma managing them. The manner in which they deal with him like junk. Alfred’s covetousness and narrow-mindedness. they will pull off this one reason nothing joins them to that delicate since Alfios changed financial subtleties to his name.

We as a whole realize Lehasa will be free before we know it. Be that as it may, Lehasa can’t surrender with such ease he will going to effectively ensure he will not go to jail,he is the one who consistently thought of plans. Petersen is one in particular who will going to free the case keep a watch out. Wish analyst dollface never told lehasa about eunice being an observer.. Dai lehasa fellow isn’t protected.

Lehasa on this time mustfall can hardly wait on the otherside magongwa his better half should experience some of what they might have doled out to someone else debasement delicate ,they don’t have a right also deal with Alfios like slave (Those two jackal.).

Dividers are gradually surrounding Lehasa. I want to perceive how can he go to safeguard himself on this one possibly ngiyaloya however I don’t need him to go to prison,Fanie was no holy person. He almost killed Sfiso and once scamed uMantuli am not saying he had the right to bite the dust yet he was unpunishable.

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