DJ Lamiez Confirms Rumors About Daliwonga And Sir Trill!

indafrica December 31, 2021
Updated 2021/12/31 at 3:50 PM

There have been so many celebrities over the years in the entertainment industry that are siblings and some related, but we never knew about them being related in any way.

It seems the South African music industry is also filled with related musicians and we also knew nothing about them being siblings or cousins.

Before the year ends it seems we have found another pair of musicians that are related, and that is Daliwonga and Sir Trill.

Daliwonga and Sir Trill are two of the biggest vocalists in the amapiano music scene right now. They have been said to have very similar voices and that’s when the rumours about them being related started.

Well, it seems we may finally have some news that may just destroy the rumours, as Dj Lamiez. DJ Lamiez has a long career in TV which started when she was in high school.

She started her career in high school by guest presenting on a show called KMTV on Soweto TV and then on a show called LTD which aired weekly on Tshwane TV.

It seems DJ Lamiez knows something we the fans might not have known about the two stars, and that something is them being blood brothers. DJ Lamiez responded to a post that was about Sir Trill and Daliwonga.

“Throw in the fact that they’re siblings and man!!!” She said
“Yep. blood brothers- Sir Trill is the eldest.”

I’m sure this might be confusing and shocking at the same time but it seems the rumours could be true, although we haven’t heard it from the horse’s mouth, it seems they are related. Maybe the rumours will finally be put to rest.

Looking at images of both of them, one might say there’s a resemblance. What are the chances that two brothers could become huge stars in the same industry?

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