Lindiwe Blames Nhlamulo for her father’s death

indafrica December 31, 2021
Updated 2021/12/31 at 7:25 AM

Nhlamulo and Lindiwe’s marriage is falling apart because she secretly blames him for her father’s (Mlungisi) death.

Nhlamulo (Mathews Rantsoma) accidentally killed Mlungisi on their wedding day.


Scandal!’s Lindiwe (Mvelo Makhanya) is not coping with the fact that her husband, Nhlamulo killed her father, Mlungisi.
She’s also kept the death of her father a secret from the rest of the family.

The cracks started to show in their marriage on Christmas Day when she cried for her father and realised that he destroyed her family.
They’re constantly at war with each other right now because she can’t cope with the secret anymore.

She loves her husband but knows that she’ll be implicated if she turns him in.


Mlungisi never approved of Nhlamulo because of his criminal life and thought that Lindiwe deserved better than him.

He is a retired forex trader who left Scanda l! female fans weak-kneed.
He charmed fans with his lingo and earned the nickname “Kasi Shakespeare”.

His old boss, Mdala has also returned from prison and is making his life, a living hell.

Nhlamulo snitched on his boss and he’s now scared for his life because his boss wants revenge.
Mdala (James Sithole) offered Lindiwe a boss and she’s accepted the offer against her husband’s blessing.

Lindiwe is rebelling because she doesn’t care about Nhlamulo anymore and realises that her father was right about him.
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Lindiwe’s on-screen father Patrick Mofokeng, who played Mlungisi for nearly a decade left Scandal! for 1Magic’s Lingashoni this year.

Mofokeng plays the leading role of Mandla Cele on the hit telenovela.
The told Drum Magazine that he was thrilled to get an opportunity to play a leading role for the first time in his life

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