Most ridiculous lobola prize

indafrica December 31, 2021
Updated 2021/12/31 at 6:02 AM

The picture that was clearly taken during lobola has left Twitter users fuming. In the picture, it can be seen that the in-laws demanded a huge fridge and a lot of things as part of a Lobola, and that didn’t sit well with so many people on Twitter.

People believed that this was just too much and it seems like they were selling their daughter now.

People were saying, parents are using their sons-in-law. Most people were saying Lobola should be reasonable.

“Noo no, y’all are playing with people’s money in the name of love,” said a Twitter user who was clearly believed that the son-in-law was overcharged here.

check out some comments about this matter. Even women were totally against this “No husband or fiance of mine would be taken for a ride like that, sorry.

Ofuna I fridge must go buy with their money shame” wrote a Twitter user. “This is unacceptable Nje Ngeke,” Wrote another Twitter user.

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